Device Care and Maintenance

General Care

Carefully transport your Chromebook when traveling between classes or between home and school. Avoid placing weight on the Chromebook. Never throw or slide a Chromebook. Never expose a Chromebook to long-term temperature extremes or direct sunlight. An automobile is never a good place to store an electronic device.


The Chromebook should be charged using the provided charger. Fully charged Chromebook batteries will typically last 6-8 hours of use. Waiting to charge the Chromebook until the charge is low (less than 20%) will extend the battery life. Students that take their Chromebooks home are responsible for charging the Chromebook and ensuring that it is ready for use in school each day. Failure to do so may result in the student's inability to participate in some classroom learning activities and may be required to do extra, non-digital assignments.


The Chromebook is an electronic device; handle it with care. Never throw a Chromebook, even if it is in the protective case or book bag. Never place a Chromebook in a book bag that contains food, liquids, heavy, or sharp objects. The Chromebook screen is vulnerable to cracking and breaking. Never place heavy objects on top of the Chromebook and never drop your Chromebook. Careful placement is always important. The Chromebook screen can be cleaned with a soft, slightly water-dampened, lint-free cloth. Avoid getting any moisture on the keys or other openings. Do not use window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives to clean the Chromebook.


Chromebooks that are assigned to go home come with a school-issued, always-on case. The purpose of the case is to protect the Chromebook, especially while the Chromebook is being transported. When not in use, closing the Chromebook lid will save battery life and protect the screen. The Chromebook must be transported in the protective case at all times. No stickers or any other items should be attached to the Chromebook itself unless placed there by SBPS district staff.