Accelerated Courses/Honors Opportunities

Bluffs Middle School has high expectations and a rigorous curriculum in all classes. The staff at BMS believes we can prepare every student for higher intellectual engagement by starting the development of skills and acquisition of knowledge as early as possible. Addressed effectively, the middle school years can provide a powerful opportunity to help students acquire the knowledge, concepts, and skills needed to engage in a higher level of learning. Students who desire to challenge themselves academically to an even higher level have the opportunity to enroll in Accelerated Courses and/or pursue Honors Opportunities.

Accelerated Courses - These courses are offered in the areas of reading and math for students in grades 6-8. Enrollment in these courses is based on teacher recommendation, student grades, and performance on assessments.

Honors Opportunities

BMS Honors Projects All BMS students have the opportunity to pursue Honors Opportunities in Science and Social Studies. Honors Opportunities are assignment and project options that challenge students to demonstrate a deeper level of understanding of content, concepts, skill and application. Offered in the regular classroom, any student can participate in Honors Opportunities, by self-selecting a topic of interest to research (with teacher approval). The research and completion of the Honors Opportunities is student-driven with the teacher serving as the facilitator.

Features of the Honors Opportunities Program at Bluffs Middle School include:

  • Alternative learning choices for students who have an interest and desire to embark on more challenging and advanced learning opportunities.
  • More challenging opportunities - not simply more assignments.
  • Available to interested students in Science and Social Studies.
  • Notation on the report card of any student who completes the honors requirement for the semester(s).

Every student can be an honors student at Bluffs Middle School!